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Success in mortgage lending starts with a high-performing team.

Arch MI trains mortgage professionals to compete in today’s fast-paced lending environment. Our Customer Training Program is a best-in-class educational curriculum teaching the key skills, techniques and best practices needed to build your team’s confidence and grow your share of originations.

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Training Course Catalog – CU

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Mortgage Insurance Courses

An Overview of MI

A Path to Homeownership

Audience: Mortgage Professionals

Learn about Mortgage Insurance (MI), what it is, how it works, why it provides value to lenders, investors, borrowers, and ultimately how it helps build a path to homeownership!



Appraisal Courses

Analyzing Appraisals for Single Family Residences

Identifying the Key Areas of the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report

Audience: Loan Processors and Underwriters

Identifies the key areas to focus on in the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report. In reviewing each section, you will develop a broader understanding of the appraisal and the Sales Comparison Approach.


Back to Basics Courses

Income Fundamentals 101

The First Step in Understanding Acceptable Qualifying Income

Audience: Loan Originators, Loan Processors, Jr. Underwriters

In this first Back to Basics course, we review acceptable income for mortgage qualification, including employment and non-employment sources. We will also discuss income continuance (when support documentation is required) and taxable vs. non-taxable income.

Contact your Account Manager for more information about this course.

Tax Return Fundamentals

Business Entities and Tax Forms

Audience: Loan Originators, Loan Processors, Jr. Underwriters

In this Back to Basics course, we will review the various business structures, the tax forms used to report business income and how income flows from business to personal tax returns.

Contact your Account Manager for more information about this course.

Business Development Courses

Journey to Success in Business and Life

Strategies for Achievement Learned on a 500-Mile Trek Across Spain

Audience: Mortgage Professionals

This unique professional development opportunity provides insights on how to grow and expand your skills to achieve more happiness and success at home and work. Arch MI’s accredited public speaker and industry expert, Blaine Rada, will share his story of personal challenge and valuable lessons gained during his month-long trek across Spain, unplugged from modern life, technology and the nine-to-five routine. This stimulating presentation will get you thinking through the next steps to your best year yet.



Seizing Market Share

Creating Separation Between You and Your Competitors

Audience: Loan Originators, Managers and Marketing Staff

Learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition and gain market share by becoming the best choice for mortgages among borrowers and Realtors. Enhance your reputation by aligning your market, message and media. Discover untapped markets for additional business, understand the importance of content marketing, know what your borrowers value in a lender, create unique competitive advantages and examine a framework for selecting Realtor partners.



Sharpen Your Selling Skills

How to Become a Trusted Advocate, Earn More Business and Bring in Quality Loans

Audience: Loan Originators

Learn effective selling skills and interpersonal techniques that earn you more business, attract better-quality loans and enable you to become a trusted advocate for your borrowers.



Ten Tips That Turn the Tide in Your Favor

Ideas for Success in a Changing Market

Audience: Loan Originators and Mortgage Management Professionals

Whether you’ve been in the business for decades or have just taken on a new role, you’ll benefit from 10 tips for communicating effectively with mortgage referral partners to gain a regular stream of business.


Housing and Mortgage Market Review

Housing Update

Fall 2020

Audience: Mortgage Professionals

2020 has been an extraordinary year. Gain a better understanding of how COVID-19 has changed the housing industry and what’s ahead for lenders as Ralph presents detailed data and additional context for HaMMR’s lead stories.



Income Analysis

Clarify the Confusion

Understanding Self-Employed Borrowers and Business Tax Returns

Audience: Loan Originators, Sr. Processors and Underwriters

Enhance your understanding of self-employed borrowers and develop an understanding of the components of business tax returns. Allowable add-backs and required deductions will be discussed, and we’ll demonstrate how to calculate income from various business structures, introducing you to the Arch MI Tax Return Analysis Calculator (AMITRAC), the industry’s most user-friendly Schedule Analysis form.


Explore the Essentials

Reviewing and Understanding the Basics of Tax Returns

Audience: Loan Originators, Jr. Processors and Underwriters

Learn about the various tax returns and forms in this introductory class. Various income sources, income trending and non-taxable income will be discussed. In addition, you’ll review a variety of income sources, from social security to interest income to capital gains, and learn how to calculate income for Rental Property owners utilizing Arch MI’s Tax Return Analysis Calculator (AMITRAC). In addition, you’ll be introduced to business tax returns and learn the differences between the business structures.


“I” is for Income

The Basics of Qualifying Income

Audience: Loan Processors and Junior Underwriters

Correctly calculating income is fundamental to insuring a member qualifies for a loan. In this mini-workshop we will discuss the basics of income calculation, including base, bonus, overtime and commission. Bring your calculator and be ready to practice what you learn.


Master the Mystery

Navigating and Evaluating Personal Tax Returns

Audience: Loan Originators, Loan Processors and Underwriters

Learn the fundamentals of navigating through personal tax returns, including key components of the 1040 including Schedule 1, Schedule B, Schedule D and Schedule E. Discover when and why tax returns are needed, and how to recognize when tax returns are complete. Understand income trending and be introduced to the Arch MI Tax Return Analysis Calculator (AMITRAC).


Negotiate the Numbers – The Basics

The Basics of Business Tax Returns and Self-Employed Borrowers

Audience: Loan Originators, Loan Processors and Underwriters

Learn how to determine qualifying income for self-employed borrowers and understand the different business structures related to Sole Proprietorships (Schedule C), Partnerships (Form 1065), S Corporations (Form 1120S) and Corporations (Form 1120). Recognize cash-flow adjustments, which deductions are required, and which are allowable add-backs. Learn when a Profit and Loss Statement is needed. Net Operating Losses and Personal Debt Paid by Business will be discussed.


Negotiate the Numbers Applied: Partnership, S Corporation, Corporation

Case Study: Partnership, S Corporation, Corporation

Audience: Loan Originators, Loan Processors and Underwriters

Study the Partnership (Form 1065), the S Corporation (Form 1120S) and the Corporation (Form 1120). Understand K-1’s and learn about ordinary income, distributions and liquidity tests. Understand cash flow adjustments for the Corporation.


Negotiate the Numbers Applied: Sole Proprietorship

Case Study: Sole Proprietorship

Audience: Loan Originators, Loan Processors and Underwriters

Study the Sole Proprietorship (Schedule C) and learn how to determine expenses for car and truck, meals, business use of home and other expenses. Cash flow will also be discussed.


Mortgage Skills

Conquer the Components

Understanding the Aspects of a Loan File

Audience: Loan Processors, Loan Processors and Jr. Underwriters

Get an overview of The Three C’s of mortgage banking including income/employment, assets/reserves and ratios. Understand the factors that make up a credit score, and the fundamentals of mortgage risk.


Essentials of Mortgage Lending (1 or 2-Day Course)

Understanding the Fundamentals of Home Loans

Audience: Loan Originators, Loan Processors and Underwriters

1-Day Course:
This one-day hands-on fundamentals course delivers information that you can use to be a successful mortgage industry team member. Modules focus on the Three Cs of mortgage lending, including credit, income, assets and collateral. New to the industry? Need a refresher? This course will help you strengthen your mortgage skills and knowledge.

2-Day Course:
This two-day course, designed with industry newcomers in mind, provides an overview of mortgage lending from A to Z. Modules range from industry terminology and property types, to the basics of understanding credit, income, the loan application and more! Let us help you build, strengthen and educate your team.

Please note: There is a nominal fee for this course. Contact your Arch MI Account Manager for details.


Fannie Mae HomeReady

The Key Points

Audience: Loan Originators and Marketing Staff

Expand your market of borrowers by learning the key points and unique features of the Fannie Mae HomeReady™ Program. An alternative to FHA financing, HomeReady™ is designed for creditworthy, low-to moderate income borrowers and includes expanded eligibility for financing homes in designated low-income, minority and disaster-impacted communities.


Loan Processing Using the Redesigned URLA/Form 1003

Making the Loan Application Process Easier

Audience: Loan Originators and Loan Processors

Learn how to use the redesigned Uniform Residential Loan Application or URLA (also known as Fannie Mae Form 1003 and Freddie Mac Form 65), to process your loan application. Understand what documents to gather, how to review and verify required documentation, and prepare the loan application for underwriting. Use Arch MI resources to assist you in your loan processing review.


Mortgage Fraud

Do Your Diligence

Audience: Loan Originators, Loan Processors and Underwriters

Understand the impact of mortgage fraud, how to spot it and how to prevent it. Mortgage fraud has been around a long time and it continues to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. With this course, acquire an increased awareness of the sources of fraud, learn ways to prevent fraudulent mortgage loans and discover how to effectively identify “Red Flags”.


Navigating the New URLA

Overview and Highlights

Audience: Mortgage Professionals

Learn how to navigate the new Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA), also known as the Fannie Mae Form 1003 and Freddie Mac Form 65. This session will provide an overview of this new industry-standard loan application, review it’s components and highlight key features and differences between it and the loan application used before it. You will also be pointed to helpful resources that you can utilize.


Trended Credit Data

An Overview

Audience: Loan Originators, Loan Processors and Underwriters

What is Trended Credit Data? In less than 10 minutes, we will define it, discuss Desktop Underwriter as it relates to trended credit data and talk about the impact that trended credit data will have on Arch MI-insured loans.


What Starts Well, Ends Well

12 Steps to Ensure a Smooth Transaction

Audience: Loan Originators

Learn simple techniques you can use to set loans up for success. From setting realistic expectations, to understanding what drives borrower satisfaction, you’ll discover how to invest your time and effort for maximum return. As an added bonus, you’ll learn how to overcome common loan challenges and a formula for getting exceptions approved.


Virtual World

Building Your Virtual World

Learn How to Record Videos, Share Screens and More Using Zoom

Audience: Mortgage Professionals

As we enter into this new world of remote workers and social distancing, we will need to change how we do business. Today you must meet with borrowers virtually and being able to share how to upload documents, review conditions or appraisals is important. In this webinar, Ginger Bell will share how to share your screen with borrowers via virtual meetings and record videos using zoom.


Educating in the Virtual World

Building Your Business with Webinars, Facebook Live Events and YouTube

Audience: Mortgage Professionals

In this recorded webinar, we will share how to set up, invite and host online webinars, FaceBook Live Events and post videos onto YouTube to educate, inform and promote. Arch MI is excited to bring you this important information with industry professional, Ginger Bell! Now more than ever it is important to share your expertise and webinars can help you do that!


Virtual Business Meetings

How to Set Up and Conduct Virtual Meetings with Your Borrowers

Audience: Mortgage Professionals

As we enter into this new world of remote workers and social distancing, we will need to change how we do business. Moving your meetings to online virtual meetings is one of the first things you can do to help to conduct visual meetings with your customers and partners.


Creating a Customer Communication Strategy Plan

Keeping customers informed and engaged in a virtual world

Audience: Mortgage Professionals

Getting a mortgage is one of the most stressful things people go through. Combine that with the recent pandemic environment and it is not surprising that your customers have varying needs and comfort levels for communication and engagement right now.